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Charles Town, officially the City of Charles Town is a city in Jefferson County, West Virginia, and is also its county seat.

"You guys are the BEST,

Dear, I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have done to direct customer to my web site. I appreciate the fact that you are here to help me. I had recently been commissioned to supply aerial photographs for ABC Good Morning America for a show on Harpers Ferry because they found on the 1st page of Google. Great connect, Great service thanks". David Showalter - Ariel Photography Featured in West Virginia Executive Magazine. Read Here

Our mission at is to provide Martinsburg WV Businesses with the most advanced local networking to assist them in making smart choices; to provide local small businesses with the tools and strategic alliances to increase their profit, leverage their marketing and help even the playing field when competing against large national franchises. Events

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Charlestown WV Muscular Therapy, LLC
31 Willow Spring Drive Suite 201


Charlestown Muscular Therapy is dedicated to providing natural and effective ways to treat muscular pain, discomfort and the effects of living a stressful lifestyle.

We offer Deep Tissue Muscular Therapy, Professional Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Therapy and other natural therapies to assist the body's innate healing processes. These therapies will ease muscular aches and pains, counter the effects of stress and encourage relaxation.

Harpers Ferry Muscular Therapy is a relaxing place where you can come and take a break from your everyday routine. You will receive a personalized treatment that will have you feeling rejuvenated and uplifted. You will leave with tools to assist you in making your life healthier and more in balance.

We look forward to working with you. CALL 304-535-3009

Massage Charles Town WV

Shenandoah Valley Health Services - Shenandoah Valley Massage - Woodstock VA Massage - Martinsburg WV Massage - Charles Town WV Massage - Shepherdstown WV Massage - West VA Massage


Charleston West Musicians for Hire

We have a list composed of professional musicians living in the Shenandoah Valley. Our fine musicians have performed extensively at five star resorts, country clubs, hotels, restaurants and homes in the Virginia and the Washington DC, area over the last 30 years. We provide live music and DJ services for weddings and receptions, concerts, dances, corporate events and dinners. We've entertained audiences of all ages and backgrounds that have included numerous dignitaries and celebrities. We have a diverse repertoire that allows us to provide appropriate entertainment for virtually any event. - Charlestown WV Musicians Forum

Charlestown WV House Concerts - Help support local musicians!


West Virginia Real Estate Agents
The West Virginia - Shenandoah Real Estate Connection

Country Properties in Virginia, and West Virginia

Our goal as a real estate company is to reach out to our community as well as newcomers and to support them in buying or selling residential, commercial, land or investment properties in Frederick County VA. We want to be a part of the growth that is currently sweeping this region. Inspired by the real estate market as it changes, intrigued by new trends, new laws; each experience bringing more wisdom and experience to the table. - About Us

MPR lives by the traditional value of customer service while embracing the ever-changing world of technology. - Winchester VA Real Estate Agents

We are located in Old Town Winchester. Literally, we are in the heart of where it's all happening.
Delivering you the personal attention you deserve with the information and marketing you require, now. -
Contact Us

Market Place REALTY
302 South Braddock Street
Winchester, VA 22601

540.450.2747 phone
540.450.2761 fax

Fine Homes in West Virginia

You can also search for your ideal home by viewing current listings with detailed descriptions and photos. Or you can get help determining the value of your home by requesting a report that includes the prices of similar homes that recently sold or are currently for sale Capon Bridge WV Homes, Augusta WV Homes, Slanesville WV HomesRomney WV Homes, Hampshire County WV Homes - Bunker Hill West VA Real Estate

Buying A Home WV - Selling A Home WV - WV Property Search - Featured WV Real Estate Listings - West VA Home Values - West VA Community Info

Augusta WV Real Estate - Berkeley County WV Real Estate - Bunker Hill WV Real Estate - Capon Bridge West VA Real Estate - Hampshire County WV Real Estate - Morgan Co WV Real Estate - Romney WV Real Estate

Martinsburg West Virginia Home Loans by: Bill Askew is a licensed loan originator with Success Mortgage in Winchester Virginia serving Martinsburg WV

Residential loans in Virginia and West Virginia. Success Mortgage is a broker and therefore has access to many different loan programs and therefore can shop for some of the lowest rates and down payments available in the industry.

Bill Askew: Success Mortgage 540-327-2817

27 West Jubal Early Drive - Winchester
(540) 678-0800

Consultant NMLS #838038
Company NMLS #225686

West VA Real Estate Agents to list on this page call 703-722-6012


Charlestown West Virginia FREE Classifieds

Our free West VA FREE Classified and Want ads were designed to encourage on line business opportunities in West Virginia. You can use it to buy and sell automobiles, real estate for sale by owners, find renters and business people who understand the power of the Internet and much more. If you are in business, we ask you to give us a call and find out about our dynamic GrassRoots Networking Groups that are starting to catch on in the state of West Virginia and beyond. West VA Want Ads




Charlestown West Virginia Business Coach

Business Coach Western Panhandle WW - Rene Hollebrandse

"My clients who took me on as their mentor will start implementing these 5 things - results then follow, with an ROI that is positive within 3 months. Winthin a year several clients started to have record breaking results."

I am a certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH, the World’s #1 Business Coaching Franchise (Entrepreneur Magazine, Jan. 2004 and 2005).

Rene Hollebrandse - 540 667 4469 - Charlestown VW Business Coach

As your coach, I will be working with you in five key areas. The emphasis on each area depends on your needs, the type of business you have, and your goals. The key areas are: Sales; Marketing and Advertising; Team Building and Recruitment; Systems and Business Development; and, Customer Service.

There is no time like the present, right now, to get started on your dreams and goals. If you are ready to move your business to the next level, contact me today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Find out how you can change the way you do business to achieve the results you deserve!

P.S. If you are a business owner, the first step to getting your business going is to take the "Business Health Check." 
Click here to get started

Are you looking to grow your business but don't know how?
The certified Coaches of ActionCoach can help!


OakCrest Commercial Real Estate Charlestown West VA

OakCrest maintains a full-time staff of skilled and experienced real estate professionals who continually strive to provide unprecedented service for their clients and customers. - West VA Panhandle Commercial Real Estate Sales

We are a diversified commercial real estate company that utilizes state of-the-art resources specializing in the marketing, listing and selling of commercial properties, investment opportunities, and all product types of commercial leasing.

Our mission is not just to be the #1 commercial real estate firm in Virginia, West Virginia and surrounding regions. We want to be known as the best in every product in all markets in which we do business. We are dedicated to the development of long-term client relationships. As a team we work with you, now and over time, to provide the best information and guidance in every transaction.

Eastern Panhandle WV Commercial Properties  – Martinsburg WV Office BuildingsMartinsburg WV Lease PropertiesRetail Spaces Martinsburg WVCommercial Investments Eastern Panhandle WV


Charlestown West Virginia Cleaning Services

Western Panhandle West VA Cleaning Services

We provide cleaning service to manufacturing, distribution centers, multi-tenant buildings, medical facilities, banks, community colleges, schools and more, throughout the State of Virginia, especially all along the I-81 corridor. We are licensed in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. Martinsburg WV Building Maintenance - Eastern West VA Panhandle Building Maintenance

Fire, Water and Mold Damage and Restoration
Martinsburg West VA

Restoration Experts Martinsburg WV

Coping with property loss can be devastating. We understand that responding to
property emergencies is more than restoring the damage.


Shared Knowledge Technical Solutions LLC

Dedicated to helping the small businesses with all their
computer and network support needs. 

Ever feel like throwing your computer out of the window? YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THAT!

Shared Knowledge can help you. If things aren't working the way you think they should, we can figure out why and make them work the way YOU want.

Some things we can help you with are:

Virus Removal - PC Upgrades and Data Migration - PC Failures - Wireless Network Lockdown - Network Configuration - Mobile Services - Data Recovery - Remote Diagnostics- PC Tune-ups - Flexible Terms and Pricing


Charlestown West Virginia Health Services

Chiropractic Care Charlestown West Virginia
by Alissa Harris

Alissa Harris Doctor of Chiropractic is dedicated to treating patients without the use of modern medicine.  Using chiropractic, applied kinesiology , and nutritional supplements , she is able to better treat the core of the patient’s problems, instead of just treating the symptoms.

West VA Chiropractic - Martinsburg WV Chiropractic - Charles Town WV Chiropractic - Shepherdstown WV Chiropractic - Massage West VA - West Virginia Chiropractor
Shenandoah Valley Chiropractic


West Virginia Musicians - Networking For A Change

West Virginia House Concerts

House Concerts are a growing phenomenon across the country designed to bring an audience and a musical artist closer together. Here's the deal: We invite a musician to play at our house. We invite anybody and everybody to come hear him/her. We pass a hat (a suggested donation of 10 bucks). All proceeds go to the musician. Everyone has a great time, listening to live, local music!

Rebecca's House Concert

What is a house concert? A house concert is a chance to experience music by local musicians in a warm and intimate environment. It's when someone opens up their home and invites you into their living room to share in a performance by a few of our talented musicians.

Why would anyone do this? There are few venues where people can go to experience great music in a close and friendly environment. Great music makes us happy and we want to share that with others around us. These events allow us to give exposure to some incredible Virginia and traveling musicians that are a part of our worldwide network whose talents we truly believe in and wish to help promote.

How much does this cost? We have a "recommended donation" of $10-20 per person but we realize every situation is different and we can certainly make concessions to fit your individual needs.

USA Musicians Network
USA House Concerts - Musicians Services - World Music List - UpComing Stars - Online Session Musicians - Chords and Lyrics - Custom Guitar Builders - GrassRoots Musicians - Guitar Shows - USA Musicians Networking Forum - CD and DVD Manufacturing Virginia

Live Music Martinsburg West Virginia - Featuring local and regional musicians with the intent is to bring together the richly talented local music community. The mission of The Martinsburg Saturday Night Concert Series is to bring live music to a broader audience of fans will be able to access the community, and appreciate it's talent. West VA House Concerts

We will use the web promotion and marketing skills of and get any musician or bands site up on the search engines for what ever search terms they desire FREE of charge. - more info

USA Musician Supporters - Our Goal is NOT to make money with this site, but we can use some help. If you like to help out we can pay you with FREE SEO and Business Network with you as well. We need the help of web designers, writers, video and other creative types of people. - Contact Form

Musician Services: Web Site Hosting and Promotion For Musicians - FREE SEO For Musicians - FREE Marketing for Music Venues - Americana Rhythm Magazine - Charleston West Virginia - Harpers Ferry WV - Martinsburg West Virginia - Lewisburg West Virginia - Shepherdstown West Virginia - West Virginia Business Networking - West Virginia Arts and Events

Martinsburg West Virginia Weddings - Martinsburg WV Wedding Reception Sites - Martinsburg WV DJ's - Martinsburg West Virginia Musicians - Martinsburg WV Photographers - Shenandoah Valley Wedding Cake Bakers - Shenandoah Valley Florists - Shenandoah Valley Wedding Dresses - Shenandoah Valley Catering - Shenandoah Valley Vineyards


West Virginia Professional Web Services

Social Media Optimization SEO Charlestown WV has not only been a pioneer of the organic search process for increasing rank. But we are an authority on social engagement for web sites and brands internationally. With connections across the globe (including Australia, UK, Spain, Canada) we are able to provide a full service Internet marketing agency approach to large organizations as well as small to mid sized companies.

Visit the source: Internet Marketing Company | SEO and Social Media Services has been providing SEO services since 1996. Using a unique approach of building proprietary directory websites, many small businesses have been able to rank well in the search engines for requested keywords over the years. Headquartered in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, we spend considerable time with local community businesses to market their products and services. We also network with other local representatives around the United States and the world to similarly support the local communities.

Utilizing modern communication has enable a broader reach now to be able to give good support anywhere. Why not contact us today and let us show you how so many small businesses have benefitted from a great web presence?

Who We Are:

Mark Barreres

Founder Mark has built the WebPromotion network from the ground up. He is all about getting people to work together with team players and loves making connections where all sides benefit. Founder of

Rob Pohle

Web Design & Creative Director - Rob considers the image to be a powerful tool. An award winning creative director he combines his love of design with technology to help his clients have the image and success they desire online.

Eric Safstrom

Web Design and Development - Eric has been working in the industry for over 15 years with experience in many aspects of web design and development. Eric loves working with clients to find out what is really needed and then deliver solutions that bring results.

We collaborate with other Martinsburg WV web designers and web promoters which benefits everyone. By working together we can increase productivity and cost savings for our businesses, giving clients a valuable edge in today's marketplace Call us @ 540-335-8190

"What sets the and their Network apart from other web designers and the majority of SEO providers, is the following combination:With Mark you are guaranteed to get traffic to your website.Despite asking a real low price for his services, he simply delivers. So,why should someone hire Mark? 1) Results - guaranteed to get traffic to your website. 2) Price. 3) He keeps delivering. I happily and with full confidence am introducing (or already have) Mark to all my clients. This is how business ought to be. Go Mark!" - Rene Hollebrandse - Virginia Business Coach

I would like to thank you for all the hard work that you have done to direct customers to my web site. I appreciate the fact that you are here to help me. I had recently been commissioned to supply aerial photographs for ABC Good Morning America because they found me online. Great connect, Great service. Thanks. David Showalter - Shenandoah Valley Aerial Photography

"Moving to a new area in 2006 meant that I would be competing for local business with photographers who had been servicing the community for years, even decades. Mark's services have allowed me to make myself known in the area and build a loyal customer base. I attribute much of my early and continued success to my great search-engine placement, and Mark was the one who put me there. Thank you!" - Shenandoah County VA Wedding Photographer - Julie Napear

"Our investment paid itself back in less than 24 hrs.  Yeah - I said ONE DAY!!  In the past few years, Mark's work with us has led to huge boosts in search engine traffic, calls, and more importantly... SALES!!  Lots of them." - T. Taylor

"ShenandoahConnection and deliver on what they promise! If being at the top of search engine placements matter to you, then this is the place to be. Mark Barreres has gone above and beyond on service and for a fraction of the cost of other so called "SEO experts" that charge BIG bucks and do NOT deliver. The difference is in the results you will see almost immediately. Best of all, they are always here for me on Skype and on the phone. Any business person interested in getting more referrals needs to take web based promotion seriously, and this is the best service out there." - Tara Kenyon - Family Therapy Counseling Raleigh NC

We collaborate with other West Virginia web designers and web promoters which benefits everyone. By working together we can increase productivity and cost savings for our businesses, giving clients a valuable edge in today's marketplace. Call us at 703-722-6012

Call Mark Barreres to get a FREE listing on our Martinsburg WV Business Directory

Our goal is to help the small business people in Martinsburg WV - Our mission at is to provide Martinsburg West Virginia Businesses with the most advanced local networking to assist them in making smart choices; to provide local small businesses with the tools and strategic alliances to increase their profit, leverage their marketing and help even the playing field when competing against large national franchises.

WV Complete Website Designs - WV Custom Made Layouts - WV Hand Coded Websites - WV Old Site Redesigns - WV Creative Web Design - WV E-Commerce Solutions - WV Affordable Online Marketing and Web Promotion - WV Cheap Domain Names Registration - Bunker Hill West VA Web Design

West Virginia Business Marketing by - Getting a professional website geared toward your target audience is what the The ShenandoahConnection can do for you! Our desire it to help businesses and individual clients establish or maintain a professional presence on the World Wide Web. - WV Web Design

We have web design jobs of all sizes from small and large ready for you to work on.

Non team players, time-wasters or dreamers need not apply – action-oriented web masters, online
entrepreneurs and internet marketers only! -
Contact Us

Good team players share. They're willing to share information, knowledge,
and experience. They take the initiative to keep other team members


Featured in West Virginia Executive Magazine. Read Here

Online Marketing SEO - Creative Business Networking - West VA Business Networking | About Us | News | Testimonials | Free Classifieds | Sign Up|

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BEST Hotel Rates
in West VA

Our rates are below the published rates of the hotel and often represent the very best rates available for that property. They often require prepayment and may not have a refund policy associated with them. We recommend that you read all cancellation policies and rate-rules before you book your hotel. more info


West Virginia
Insurance Quotes

It is our vision to be the largest, most recognized and respected insurance agency in Virginia markets with regard to group health, individual health, Medicare products, life, and fixed annuities.

Lowest rates for group health insurance Group health insurance Highmark blue cross blue shield West Virginia AFLAC employee benefits West Virginia Delta dental West Virginia and Small business health insurance.

Health Insurance Quotes WV - Financial Services WV - West Virginia Medicare Supplement

Long-Term Care Insurance - Life Insurance - Disability Insurance - Annuities - Certified - Accredited in The State of West Virginia


West Virginia Gov. Links

The State Government directory provides useful links to West Virginia State Government information including organization charts, agency, university and legislative listings as well as map of the State Capitol.

State Government Organizational Chart
State Government Organizational Outline
State Agency Listing
West Virginia Higher Education West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission Website
West Virginia General Information
Capitol Map
Capitol Map Legend
West Virginia Legislature
US Senate and Congress

From the Governor

State Employees WV.

Residents WV.

Business West Virginia

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West VA Business Directory

Martinsburg WV Business Directory

55-60's Ice Cream
Angelo's Pizza & Subs - Phone: 304-263-2201
Army National Guard Recruiter- Phone: 304-267-0649
As Seen On TV and More - Phone: 304-260-0156
B&B's Health Boutique - Phone: 304-263-6128
Bath & Body Works - Phone: 304-264-3867
Bon-Ton, Phone: 304-264-0200
Boost Mobile - Phone: 304-267-2755
Cell Page Communications - Phone: 304-263-8755
Claire's Boutique - Phone: 304-264-0060
Country Treasures - Phone: 304-263-5800
The Course - Phone: 304-263-5479
DEB - Phone: 304-267-7961
The Diner - Phone: 304-264-2707
Europe Nails - Phone: 304-267-644
Finish Line- - Phone: 304-263-2606
Full Throttle - Phone: 304-262-8150
GNC - Phone: 304-267-4859
Gold Buyers - Phone: 304-262-4445
Good Looks Barber Shop - Phone: 304-433-4141
Handbags & More - Phone: 304-267-2755
Hibbett Sports - Phone: 304-262-9760
Hometown Gifts - Phone: 304-262-6003
Hometown Gifts Hallmark - Phone: 304-262-6003
Hot Stepper - Phone: 304-260-9379
International Bazaar - Phone: 304-267-4005
JC Penney Phone: 304-267-5563 / Location: 800 / View
K & J's Korner - Phone: 304-264-6244
Kay Jewelers - Phone: 304-263-3056
Kings Jewelry - Phone: 304-267-3412
LaTes Phone: 304-671-0077
MasterCuts - Phone: 304-263-3833
Mid-Atlantic Protel - Phone: 304-264-9100
Mountain State University Academic Support
Phone: 304-596-5600
Mountain State University, Admin & Testing Cntr
Phone: 304-596-5600
Nail Famous - Phone: 304-267-6445
NTelos Wireless - Phone: 304-620-0014
Optical America - Phone: 304-263-2020
Outlooks For Hair - Phone: 304-263-6635
Payless ShoeSource - Phone: 304-267-0613
Piercing Pagoda - Phone: 304-264-4140
Radio Shack - Phone: 304-263-8360
Regis Salon - Phone: 304-264-4422
rue21 - Phone: 304-262-9206
Sea the Source - Phone: 304-267-0488
SHOE DEPT. Phone: 304-263-6328
Sprint - Phone: 304-260-0777
Stir Fry 88 - Phone: 304-260-0688
Subway - Phone: 304-262-6600
Things Remembered - Phone: 304-264-0739
Time Out Arcade - Phone: 540-868-9600
U.S. Post Office - Phone: 304-262-0121
Unique Boutique
Wal-Mart - Phone: 304-263-6061

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