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The pasted early pioneer cooks had the problem of keeping freshly butchered meat from spoiling without refrigeration. Hogs were butchered in the late fall when the temperature was down around 30 degrees, and while the meat was fresh, it was salt cured. The next spring any leftovers would be smoked under a fire of hickory wood or peppered. Salting, peppering, and smoking protected the meat from spoiling and from insects. Today it's that salt, pepper, and smoky flavor that we love in a Virginia country ham.

The taste of Country ham is compared to prosciutto, but prosciutto is not smoked, and is generally moister than a country ham. It is also usually sliced much thinner then traditional country ham "steaks".

Virginia Country Hams The Smithfield Collection - S. Wallace Edwards family authentic Virginia Hams

Valley Pig Pickin' Carolina Style BBQ

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We specialize in on-site "Carolina Style" whole hog pig pickin's, also known as pigs roasts, pig pulls and hog roasts. No matter what you call it, we do it best! We will do all of the setup, slow smoke BBQ your pig in our custom designed BBQ Pit, pull, chop and serve all the meat while you get to sit back and enjoy the party. We can take care of all your meal needs including chicken, beef brisket, spare ribs and side dishes to compliment our special style of award winning pit cooked BBQ. We've never had an unsatisfied customer! Pricing varies depending on the size and location of your event. Call or email us to discuss how we can serve you the best BBQ in the Valley! Shenandoah Valley. Shenandoah Valley Barbecue

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Catering Service in Harrisonburg VA - Whether planning a corporate event, wedding, holiday party or social occasion of any kind, We impress the most demanding clientel with extraordinary menu concepts, courteous and professional staff and a wide range of services. Our goal is to satisfy even the most discriminating palates and make any occasion memorable- beyond your expectations.

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