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Spinal manipulation like that used by chiropractors in chiropractic medicine is not a new or recent concept.
Records show that manipulation of the spine can be traced back to the time of Hippocrates.

Since the inception of chiropractic medicine in 1895, chiropractors have held that the structural derangement of the spine can affect the nervous system. Because the nervous system is so intimately related to the spine identifying and restoring spinal structural integrity through chiropractic treatments can improve the health of the individual by reducing pressure on sensitive neurological tissue. This tenet continues to be the emphasis that many chiropractors embrace and chiropractic patients seek.


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Bompiani Chiropractic Center
861-C Cantrell Avenue - Harrisonburg, VA 22801


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The Benefits of Spinal Decompression - Spinal Decompression Harrisonburg VA

Sports Injuries, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Auto Injuries, Back & Neck Pain, more...
Specialties: Sports Injuries, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Auto Injuries, Back & Neck Pain, more...
Certifications & Affiliations: Back & Neck Pain

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As part of my work in the Rockingham Virginia community, I often volunteer my services at non-profit group benefits, food drives, etc.  If you are hosting a charity event and would like to include massage therapy, be sure to give me a call.

Therapeutic Massage Harrisonburg VA - Massage Classes - Facial Treatments - Body Wraps - Body Scrubs - Hot Stone Massage Harrisonburg VA - Massage Memberships Package - Bridal Massage Services Harrisonburg VA - Energy Healing - Signature Services - Aromatherapy - Reflexology - Corporate Massage Harrisonburg VA - Event Massage Rockingham Co. VA - Spa Parties - Swedish Deep Tissue - Massage Gift Certificates Harrisonburg VA


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We have been overwhelmed by numerous diets... but most of these diets do not work... Iridology will show you the weaknesses caused by your diet. Most dis-ease will disappear after a 2-3 day fast or 2 to 3 days on a mono diet of apples, fruit, or other vegetables. It is easy tell what foods are causing problems.. your body tells you - almost instantly.

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Massage Therapists and Massage Schools in Virginia

The field of massage therapy is fast growing profession in Virginia Schools of Massage can thoroughly prepare you for this exciting and rewarding career. Massage Therapy is a rewarding and challenging field. Not only do you help others, massage therapy is a career that will enhance your own life and others...

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