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Capita Translation and Interpreting - We’re a new addition to the Capita family of companies, working within the Justice and Secure Services Division. Our Professional Translation and Interpreting services will continue to add significantly to the breadth of Capita’s offering. Capita acquired Applied Language Solutions in 2011 and we are now fully integrated – so you can be certain that everything we do is backed by Capita’s substantial know-how, extensive resources and long record of outstanding service.

Milestone in publishing and translation: 595 languages

by Jehovah's Witnesses

239—Lands where Jehovah’s Witnesses preach

595—Languages in which we publish Bibles and Bible-based literature


7,538,994—Ministers who teach the Bible

19,000,000—People who attend our meetings or conventions

179,000,000—Bibles published by Jehovah’s Witnesses in 116 languages

20,000,000,000—Pieces of Bible-based literature published by Jehovah’s Witnesses over the past ten years

NEW YORK--In the midst of a civil war in Rwanda, a small group of translators flee their homes, leaving behind their possessions, but they do manage to take their laptop computers along. Why? They translate Bible publications into the Kinyarwanda language, and they want that translation to continue.

This real-life account is one of many that show the dedication of translators who appreciate the value of the Bible and of the educational publications used in teaching people who want to learn about the Bible. This year a milestone is being reached in that such information is being published in 500 languages, more than 75 percent of which are also available online.

Internationally, among Jehovah’s Witnesses there are presently over 2,500 translators who volunteer their time, their knowledge, and their skill to be sure that a message of hope and peace can reach as many people as possible. Commenting on an aspect of the approach that prohibits commercial publishing enterprises from doing the same, Rudi Hartl spoke from the Watchtower Educational Center in Patterson, New York, where many of the translation details are organized. He said: “In some cases the languages into which Jehovah’s Witnesses undertake translation of Bible publications have only a few thousand readers, a factor promptly extinguishing any suggestion that the motivation is financial.” He adds, “For us, we go to this extent in publishing and translating because we care about people and we want as many as possible to benefit from the treasures discovered only in a study of the Bible.”

Among the most recognized items translated is the Watchtower magazine, which is now simultaneously published in 595 languages. - Beliefs of JW's

Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System - MEPS

It is a system that Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves have developed for getting written material published quickly in many languages. They developed MEPS because nowhere in the world was such a system available for publishing in the many languages in which they print their Bible literature.

During the 1970’s and early 1980’s, great advances were made in printing technology, and Jehovah’s Witnesses adopted newer printing techniques. Previously, they had used the traditional letterpress style of printing. This gradually changed as they began to adopt the more modern offset printing. As a result, beautiful publications are being produced with full-color illustrations, instead of the two-color pictures (black plus one other color) that were possible on the old letterpresses. Further, computer technology changed the whole prepress operation (preparation for printing). Jehovah’s Witnesses developed a Multilanguage Electronic Phototypesetting System (MEPS), a computerized system that now supports printing in more than 370 different languages.

No commercial program matches MEPS in its capacity to function in so many languages.

Media Contact: J. R. Brown,  telephone: (718) 560-5600

News - Three websites managed by Jehovah’s Witnesses were consolidated into just one official website, The updated website has concise answers to Bible questions and information about our preaching work, along with facts about our branch offices, Kingdom Halls, and conventions in the section about Jehovah’s Witnesses. Reports on topics and events affecting Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are found in the news section. There are also features for families, teens, and children. Our website will continue to provide audio and digital editions of many of our publications.

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