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Aquatic Exercise Classes Open to the Public

Physical Fitness Center Woodstock Virginia

Anytime Fitness is Woodstock VA's only 24 hour, co-ed fitness facility. We offer state of the equipment, private showers, 24 hour tanning, personal training, and much more! We specialize in weight loss, and have a a large variety of group fitness classes. Plus, get access to over 1600 clubs world wide!

Anytime Fitness is Woodstock VA's only 24 hour, co-ed fitness facility.

We offer state of the equipment, private showers, 24 hour tanning, personal training, and much more! We specialize in weight loss, and have a a large variety of group fitness classes. Plus, get access to over 1600 clubs world wide!

We also offer FREE 7 Day passes! Call us at 540-459-5442 to reserve your pass!
We are staffed 9am-9pm, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday, and 1pm-4pm Sunday.

Get the kinks out of your muscles! With the help of Doreen Nicholas

Often times people are stressed from everyday life in our culture. Stress-related disorders make up between 80-and-90 percent of the ailments that bring people to family-practice physicians. Massage reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases endorphins (enhancing medical treatment). It also stimulates weak, inactive muscles which help compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It also quicken recovery from exercise or injury.

Certified Massage Therapist
Doreen Nicholas -
Shenandoah County VA Massage

Call 540-383-6042

Woodstock Virginia Massage Therapy - Shenandoah County VA Massage Experience Therapeutic Massage - Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage - Woodstock VA Certified Massage Therapists

Our Certified Massage Therapist will be on site between 5:30pm and 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and by appointment! Call 540-383-6042 to reserve your time! - Shenandoah County VA Massage Therapy

Massage Therapists in The Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley Chiropractic Care
Our Growing List of The BEST Chiropractic Care Providers in The Valley

Harrisonburg Virginia Chiropractic - Winchester Virginia Chiropractic Care
Therapeutic Massage in The Shenandoah Valley

Audiologist Shenandoah Valley VA

Dr. Diane Schwalbach and Scott Murray M.Ed., specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and it's associated disorders.

Diagnosis treatment hearing lost Harrisonburg VA - Hearing Aids Harrisonburg VA
Hearing Testing Harrisonburg VA
- Shenandoah Valley Hearing Tests

Audiology Associates of Harrisonburg VA
590 Neff Avenue Suite 5000 Harrisonburg - 540-574-HEAR [4327]

Shenandoah Valley Facilities that offer a full circuit of strength-training equipment and state-of-the-art technology to help in your recovery.

Back and Neck Pain - Arthritis, Tendonitis, and Bursitis - Degenerative Disc Disease
Pain and Inflammation - Neurological Problems (Stroke, Parkinson's and Muscular Dystrophy)
Muscle Weakness - Balance or Walking Difficulties - Sacroiliac Pain
Fractures, Sprains, and Strains - Joint Replacement
Amputation - Shoulder Dysfunctions

Occupational Therapy Can Help:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Dysfunctions
Upper Extremity Fractures, Strains, and Sprains
Joint Replacement - Nerve Injury
Self-Care Difficulties

Speech Therapy Can Help:

Speech or swallowing problems
Stroke - Language Problems and Voice Disorders

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists that can help you reduce pain, weakness, and stiffness, while you increase strength and endurance with heat, electrical stimulation, exercise, and manual techniques.

Speech Therapy

Licensed speech pathologists that can help you with problems involving
swallowing, speech, or language. Compassionate therapists work with you and your family to help you regain your ability to speak or swallow after stroke, throat surgery, or other conditions which affect speech and language.

Occupational Therapy

Licensed therapists that can help you learn to care for yourself and return to
productive living following surgery, injury, or other conditions.

Hand Therapy

Pediatric Rehabilitation

To help children benefit from therapy, too. Whether your child has developmental delays or disabilities, or has suffered a traumatic illness or injury, we will help him or her learn new skills or recover function with compassionate, family-centered care.

Stroke Rehabilitation

That work with stroke victims to help you regain any lost skills.
Family members, who play an integral part of your recovery,will be taught how to help their loved one regain independence. This service is provided at both centers.

Wound Care and Scar Management

Specially trained therapists that will help to clean your wound and promote healing with whirlpool and dressing changes. Gentle exercises may be taught to maintain strength and mobility.
Once your wound is healed special garments and techniques may be recommended to minimize scarring and prevent loss of mobility.

Sports Physical Therapy

Sports therapy to help individuals involved in organized athletics or leisure activities who have experienced traumatic or cumulative trauma injuries.
The goal is to return the athlete to active participation as quickly and successfully as possible. From high school football players to golfers to weekend warriors, we help all kinds of athletes feel and perform their best.

Post-Rehabilitation Fitness Programs

Once you have recovered, we can help you maintain the gains with a
professionally-supervised fitness program designed just for you. When you are ready, we will help you transition back into the fitness activities you enjoyed before illness or injury.

Special Populations Fitness

Personalized fitness programs are also designed for the special needs of individuals whose injuries or conditions prevent them from a full recovery.

Only at The Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Center

A therapeutic swimming pool.
Its 91o F water helps muscles relax and allows you to exercise using the buoyancy and resistance provided by pool therapy.

Members of the Senior Advantage Program and members of our aquatic aerobics also enjoy the large pool's benefits.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

If you suffer from severe pain due to back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle problems, or are recovering from surgery, aquatic therapy can help you start realizing the
benefits of movement more quickly and with far less pain. Treatment can begin sooner because the water reduces pressure on joints. Aquatic therapy reduces inflammation, provides support, promotes relaxation, decreases
muscle guarding and spasms, and reduces pain. Besides promoting
cardiovascular fitness, it also improves your flexibility and increases your range of motion.

Aquatic Exercise Classes and more.....

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