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Urbanization and Development of Rural Land | 2001 Annual NRI | NRCS
The impact of development on rural nonfederal land is a concern in the balancing
of development needs with conservation of natural resources. ...

Selling forests to raise money for rural schools a bad idea

Real Estate Opportunities in North and South Carolina

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Searching for a home in Western North Carolina? Then you have come to the right place. One of the most complex and important financial events in peoples’ lives is the purchase or sale of your home.

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I also provide full service property management for absentee owners/landlords.

I specialize in working with Buyers only. I do both fee based or straight commission work. I always want to work to get the buyer the best representation possible. Every situation is different, is the buyer local or out of town? Is the buyer looking for investment or personal living housing? Commercial or Residential, retirement or vacation get-a-way, is the property income producing that can be rented while not in use? I also provide full service property management for absentee owners/landlords. I want to be around beyond the "close" and help the buyer with anything he will need after he takes possession of the property.

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Real Estate Opportunities in Virginia

Virginia Relocation
Real Estate Relocation and Reference Guide

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EVERY REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION IS UNIQUE -- we'll work with you to identify and target the specifics that will bring your deal to successful completion and WE'LL BE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY.

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Blue Ridge Rural Land Trust
Non-profit land trust serving a seven county area of northwestern NC. Their missionis to preserve rural communities.



1. Do you have a deeded right-of-way? Lenders require recorded access. Who maintains the access roads to the property? If not the State, then who is responsible for maintenance? If you are accountable, then do you have sufficient rights-of-way to service them properly. A 20 ft. minimum width is usually adequate for maintenance of limited-use private access rights-of-way. 40-60 ft. widths are generally acceptable for small to large subdivisions.


2. Are you sure about the "perk"? Standard in-ground home sewage disposal systems are generally less costly and troublesome than systems such as "sand filters", "aerobic", or other disposal alternatives. Buy land subject to your approval of the current health permit, or pending your satisfaction with the results of a "perk" test and who pays for it. For limited use, will your local health authority approve low-cost composting (waterless) toilet systems?


3. Are there any objectionable easements or encroachments on the land? Are they serious enough to cause you to reject the purchase of the property?


4. Is your building site exposed to potential flooding, earthquakes, sinkholes, underground caves, caverns, or mining shafts, and can the site be made relatively safe from undue exposure to other surface natural disasters such as landslides, hurricanes and tornadoes.


5. What are the depths of existing wells in the area? Without a municipal water source of supply, you need be concerned about well drilling costs and the availability and potential volume of underground water to supply your needs. Will you be satisfied with a cistern?


6. Who controls the mineral rights? Water rights? Is this information spelled out in the contract and deed? Many early reservations of mineral rights in the chain of title turn out to be of little or no consequence in a fast-moving society. Consult with your attorney.


7. Are electric and phone lines available? If not, how much will it cost to bring in service? Can the required easements be obtained to run in these lines? What will be their user costs? Can you be content with using a generator and cell phone?


8. Is there a recent survey? If not, will the seller guarantee the acreage within, say, 5-10% if you commission a survey? Will there be a price adjustment if the acreage called for in the deed is deficient? If possible, and particularly if you pay for the survey, you will normally not want to pay more if you get more. If the survey costs are split. or if the seller pays, there will likely be a price adjustment up or down if the surveyed acreage differs from the deed description. A recent survey is advised so you're satisfied with acreage and property lines.

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The fastest-growing commodity in Florida farm country last year.

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