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The single greatest demand of small businesses and organizations in the Shenandoah Valley, is to break through the barriers which prevent access to markets, information, knowledge, data, people, and resources.

We believe that the single most pivotal element in your business success is your marketing. The second is working with the RIGHT people. So few radio stations and website designers and entrepreneurs seem to give networking the attention it deserves! In order to build a powerful brand that thrives off of organic Internet traffic, knowledge and quick strategic decision making is the key. At the end of the day, it's all about the people that you network with. - Call at 540-335-8190

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Community Supported Advertising Shenandoah Valley - Our goal is to provide a platform that allows small businesses in the Shenandoah Valley to advertise directly to consumers at a very reasonable cost.

Community Supported Radio

NPR - Public Radio Shenandoah Valley
90.7 Harrisonburg - 103.5 Charlottesville - 89.9 Lexington - 91.3 Farmville
94.5 Winchester

WMRA - 90.7 WMRA-FM NPR News, Classical, Folk in the Shenandoah Valley

Virginia Insight is WMRA's own call-in talk show and represents a key element of our commitment to serve you with dynamic discussions on topics that matter to our community. From politics to culture, technology to religion, entertainment to relationships, Virginia Insight inspires understanding.

Virginia Insight is broadcast every Monday and Thursday at 3 pm, before All Things Considered. An encore broadcast from the week is featured every Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, -

For more information about getting your word out via WMRA, contact Stan Farthing, Director of Corporate Support Development, at 540.568.3537


Radio Advertising Northern Shenandoah Valley
by 610 WXVA in Winchester VA

WXVA is owned and operated by Winchester Radio Broadcasters, LLC

Studios:2047 Valley Avenue, Suite 200, Winchester, VA  22601
Phone:540-409-5220  (Office) FAX:540-409-5221

There are so many reasons to consider radio marketing in the Shenandoah Valley as part of your annual activity planner. Radio advertising in the valley has so many unique traits that make it work, such as its low ad avoidance media. Great radio spots grab and hold attention, usually through humor. They may also use sounds, compelling music or unusual voices to grab attention. Your spots must tell stories or present situations your target audience can relate to. To keep your audience listening to your spots month after month, make them part of an ongoing campaign theme.

Professional Voice Over Talent Shenandoah Valley - Professioal Voice Over Talent in The Shenandoah Valley Providing Audio and Voiceover production services. Male and Female Voiceover talents for Naration and narrator services.


Take Advantage of the Value of Combining

Shenandoah Valley Radio Advertising - Internet Marketing on
Video and Print Advertising - Smart Business Marketing Plans

Want to Put Collective Power Behind Your Marketing?

The use the Shenandoah Connection Network

Shenandoah Connection has developed strategies that have enabled clients to get a much higher position on the major search engines than their competitors. Our strategies are based on 15 years of experience in marketing business online. We spend significant time with our clients discussing and reviewing the competition, and understanding the local and regional markets. We conduct a business analysis and develop unique selling points for the business. We enable our clients to achieve greater success, with relatively lower marketing budgets in highly-competitive markets. - Integrated Marketing

Every business is unique. So, we take a custom approach.

The business world is more complex (and exciting!) than ever before. So, we take an integrated approach.

In addition to online marketing, we can analyze and recommend the best radio stations and the best local and regional and print media to get your marketing message spread across the entire Shenandoah Valley. We can help you capture the whole Interstate 81 business corridor. We can make your dollars go further by combining media. Putting all of your eggs in one basket no longer works well. Coordinating your marketing approach, messaging, schedule, timing, and follow up - for all of your marketing efforts - gets results.

Put our expertise to work today.

Contact us to explore and help you prioritize and organize your marketing efforts in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It's growing like never before! With over 14 years of success in marketing corporate, small business, and entrepreneurial enterprises, allow us to be your marketing advisor and partner.

We offer different levels of involvement, and various marketing packages, based on your business needs.

We love marketing. We love connecting people and ideas. We love helping people grow their business...and helping their families.

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Advertising Shenandoah Valley Business With the current pace of technological change and the rapid growth of high speed access to the World Wide Web, advertising online with the help of Shenandoah Connection is your best choice for reaching the fast growing market place in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

The Shenandoah Connection is an online regional business and arts networking platform. Our Goal is to change the way you think about the internet. We provide community focused business networking to Shenandoah Valley's business communtiy both online and offline. We provide a platform for networking by offering memberships to our service and through advertising strategies. We strive to bring together the best of every industry in the region and introduce them to our members and viewers through our family of web sites.
The Internet in The Shenandoah Valley is becoming more accessible. The objective of Shenandoah's Best is to help merchants tap into the power of Local Internet search terms to reach potential customers. We've created the solution to help your Shenandoah Valley Business grow by giving you a FREE listing and helping you get a totally FREE up and running website.

The Shenandoah Connection
We are a full service website promotion and marketing firm located in The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our highly effective search engine promotion techniques will help put your web site or business in position to go head to head with even the largest competition.

Shenandoah Connection featured in West Virginia Executive Magaine. Read Here.

Shenandoah Valley Sports
The Sports Talk Classifieds of the Shenandoah Valley Post Events and Chat About Teams:
Shenandoah Valley Sports Forum
Over the past years we have been very successful in increasing the awareness of music and arts in an ever expanding area by utilizing and carefully cultivating the possibilities inherent in the most powerful foundational media networking device available anywhere: the world wide web! Business and Arts Netowrking

Americana Rhythm
Featuring Music of the Shenandoah Valley , Central Virginia and the Blue Ridge.
A Great Place to Advertise your business and help the local music scene at the same time.
South East Blue Ridge Mountain Music Magazine - Charlottesville VA Music Magazine - Blue Ridge Mountain Music
Shenandoah Valley Music Magazine - South East Bluegrass Magazine - South East Ourdoor Concert Magazine

Shenandoah Valley FREE Classifieds
We are looking to partner with a few Virginia Web Designers and Website Promoters who think outside the box on a Virginia Classifieds System. If you would like to work on a plan to develop a universal classified system that will be placed on many websites in Virginia please let us know.
Call anytime at 540-984-8190. - Virginia Free Classifieds

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Shenandoah Valley Virginia online guide to small business, arts, and local events in the beautiful
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Shenandoah Valley Business and
Arts Web Connection Guide was founded in 2005 by a number of Shenandoah Valley experienced internet professionals.

Our goal was to provide a platform that allowed small businesses and web designers in the Shenandoah Valley to advertise directly to consumers at little to no cost.

We own and operate a number of Websites in the Shenandoah Valley and run we work across the USA connecting thousands of business professionals by forming local referral networks.

We collaborate with other web designers and web promoters which benefits everyone. By working together we can increase productivity and cost savings for our businesses, giving clients a valuable edge in today's marketplace " Mark Barreres @ 540-984-8190

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