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TCA Chemical Skin Peel Instructions


Remove Acne Scars, Age Spots, and Fine Lines

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TCA Chemical Skin Peel Instructions

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Perfect Complexion Skin Care Clients have the tools to......

1- Never age another day (facially)

2- Take 10 + years off of your skin due to poor skin health (sun, scarring, lines and pigment)

3- Have 110% confidence in your ability to open up your own little skin store in your own bathroom serving 1 very special customer. You!

4- Save thousands of dollars and avoid having any plastic surgery for reverse aging.

5- Move onto your next hurdle in life. Once you have this skin-thing nailed you will have new energy! There is just something that hinders those of us who have (or have had) skin issues.

6- There is no magic here. These products give you the tools to grow new skin. There are alot of misconceptions you have to part with. I can tell you what they are but the truth is you will discover them on your own!

"I would never have been able to afford this treatment. No, not in a million years. My dermatologist wanted $150 for each visit just to do one lower half of my face" This entire project cost me $65 including shipping and I have almost over half of a bottle left". You won't ever know what you did for me...."....

I joke many times that many of my customers have more applicable knowledge in the field of aesthetics and peels than most of the employed skin care professionals who are trained and graduated from a 600+ hour course. The fact is that most esthetic training is so outdated that my customers ARE in fact more skilled and educated in what will actually keep them looking age-less for the rest of their lives.
First and foremost we have to get all the stupid myths out of the way.

1. You can't peel off a scar. If you use strong acid to attempt a scar removal you will end up accumulating more scar tissue thus making the scar thicker and many times darker. The way to remove scars is through many, many light applications of just enough peel to cause the skin to speed up its own oil production. When a scar is formed it does not grow hair and it does not sweat. When your scar can grow peach fuzz and produce a drop of sweat it is going to be almost vanished! We work slow and continually to turnover the skin a few more times each skin cycle so that it slowly metabolises this tissue. If you go to fast and too strong the skin will send out a WOUND signal and it will produce more pigment and tissue.

2. You cannot remove a tatoo with a peel. If this was true then Plastic surgeons would not invest in laser machines that cost up to $500,000 each. If your tatoo is a home made tatoo where the skin was stained 1 micron deep (about as deep as a paper cut) then you can remove it by wearing a bandaide over it for 1 week which will kill 1 micron of skin. Remove the bandaide and the skin underneath will be white and dead. Using a loofah pad scrub off the dead skin and your ink will come with it. BUT NOBODY has a tatoo that is only 1 micron deep!! If you continue to use strong acid on the arms or legs for the purpose of tatoo removal you could end up with a case of dermatitus from blistering the oil glands.

3. You can't peel away stretch marks! Why would anyone have a tummy tuck when they can just buy a bottle of miracle acid that removes stretch marks? BECAUSE you can't burn off a stretchmark, thats why. Stretch marks are comprised of skin that is deficient. It has sustained an injury that did not cause a wound but it left the skin void of glands that secrete dna. So why would anyone want to burn this skin if it is in disrepair? The secret to getting rid of stretchmarks is to work on getting the skin back to good health by forcing it to secrete dna again. You can smother a stretch mark with silicone pads or even tape (not recommended because you can get silicone in scar kits). By cutting the air supply off to the stretch mark you are forcing it to hydrate itself through sweating. There are glands and folicles but they are very weak from being pulled apart but they can be repaired! The more you commit to doing your own treatment on these marks using silicone scar patches,.wearing them to bed and under clothes, the faster you will see promising results. Some stretch marks however are very deep and cannot be smoothed over due to atrophy. When we speak about skin miracles we are always addressing skin that has not suffered huge atrophy (loss of firmness from weight gain/loss/regain). If the skin is taut and has elasticity and the marks are not measurably deep, you can get a good result by using the silicone (suffocation) method. If your skin can produce sweat and oil and grow a folicle, it is capable of 100% recovery.

* Now this is the stuff they do NOT teach in Aesthetics 101.

TCA Chemical Skin Peels

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How to avoid buying the WRONG TCA PRODUCT!

In 2001 I had already developed and marketed my TCA Complex on the internet and in my salon. I was selling a few of my products on eBay and I listed the TCA Complex in 2002. I spent a long time educating people on what the TCA Peel was all about since the only access for this type of treatment was from the coveted Obagi Blue Peel selling for $500-$1,000 per treatment, applied.

Since this time there are many people who have aquired versions of this regeant for home bottling and resale.

It is almost impossible to aquire True Crystaline Triple-Acetic acid without being fully checked out by the chemical distributor. There are subsiderary sellers of diluted TCA which is where most of the people who are redistributing it are buying it. This is where the biggest errors are made because they are buying a watered down version, diluted TCA and adding more water to it.

One very big mistake that I have seen on several sellers ads is that they as HYDROXY ACIDS to the TCA peel. This creates a hot acid peel and is probably the most dangerous solution to use on acneic skin, scarred skin and skin that has been acclimated to forms of retinA and dermal thinners for the purpose of acne control or dermatituses. No where.. No place.. Not ever... is TCA mixed with alphas or beta hydroxys. This yields the most uncomfortable, unpredictable peel you will ever endure. Glycolic hydroxys are made to be used independent from all other skin peels. One huge fact in mixing acids is that they will gain chemical strength during their shelf life. If you have a bottle of TCA that smells strong of cholorine, metal, or pungent,.you shouuld discard by water dilution outside in the street (not grass or sink). The home bottling sellers can aquire high grades of alpha hydroxys very inexpensive. By adding these to the half strength TCA regeants they believe they are offering 'THE BEST BURN for your buck', but sadly they are doing a great diservice to the industry.

True Grade TCA Peels should not smell foul.

They should not be discolored or have a vapor when you open the top.

They should never be bottled in plastic bottles or 'sample bottles' that are plastic.

TCA mixed with any other chemical and poured into a plastic bottle can be very dangerous.

TCA alone, of any grade higher than 5%-/95%aquous liquid should not be contained in anything but light freflective shatter proof glass.

These are things that home bottling sellers have no clue about and you are taking a risk if you opt to apply these prepared solutions on your skin.

Results of pigmentation hyper (dark) or hypo (white loss of all pigment) are possible and probable

You really have no way of knowing what the percentage of applicable acid to deionized water consists of.

I brought TCA Cross Method solution to eBay in 2002. I have seen a few home bottlers reselling their bootlegged versions of it. I know it is a copycat version based on their feedback which consists of negative reports of cross solution that does not work. "Watered down" or "this stuff does not work". Trust me when I say that TRUE TCA CROSS METHOD SOLUTION is unmistakably strong and will begin to frost over the second you press the cross pick into any defined border scar!

When in doubt: READ THE SELLERS FEEDBACK. Go back a few pages. Find out what else they sell! Look at how many negative feedbacks they have in total. Many times sellers will barter anything to get a retracted statement, especially when it exposes the truth!

If a seller retorts to a comment that this is the 'COMPETITION' trying to discredit her,. you know NOT to deal with this type of seller.

Example: Negative: TCA Peel did not work. Watered down. Seller would not respond.And then underneath the seller replies: "IGNORE this competitor".

I PROMISE YOU: Nobody buys from the competition in an attempt to leave them NEGATIVE FEEDBACK!

This is a shady Sellers way of trying to convince NEW BUYERS that she is in good standing and is being attacked by an internal source.

My favorite retort from a seller is "This is a friend of our competitor trying to discredit us. Ignore them".

I often wonder if a seller who is so unreputable would believe that a buyer would fall for this type of retort.

My favorite unreputable seller scam is when my own product name and trademark are inverted in a subject line in an attempt to fool the buyer. This is also a way to capitolize on search words. It is unlawful by eBay policy to fool a buyer into a purchase this way.

An example that I am personally subjected to. TCA Complex Peel is a registered product of Perfect Complexion Skin Care. We see a seller listing COMPLEX TCA on a subject line and actually removing their own product name and writing these words onto a generic photo. This is another form of copyright infringement and it should serve as a HUGE RED LIGHT in the eBay marketplace NOT to do business with anyone who would invert a product name in order to get you into their listing.

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