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Forty-seven percent of the United States depend on ground water for their basic drinking water supply. Having a basic understanding about ground water quality will help ensure that your well is supplying potable water for your household.

Along with human activities, water quality is affected by a combination of natural processes. Most relate to chemical compositions underground. However, other factors such as biological, physical, and radiological conditions can affect water quality as well.

The National Ground Water Association recommends that water well owners have their every year to ensure water safety

You might need a good water purification system...
There are a number of methods of water filtration, each with varying degrees of effectiveness, and varying costs. The general purpose of filtering water is to improve the water's hygiene and aesthetic qualities.

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Presence of many contaminants such as bacteria, metals, nitrate, radon and chemicals can only be detected through laboratory analysis. - Shenandoah Valley Environmental Awareness

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