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This video should give encouragement to children with dyslexia. Paul Orfalea is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, and he achieved all of this despite (or because of) his dyslexia. His story has given me a lot of inspiration for my 8 Wishes, and it was amazing to meet someone who is so much like me. Knowing all this gives me hope.

1st Wish Granted! Paul Orfalea - video powered by Metacafe

I am looking to start a group in the Shenandoah Valley that would like to help the Stifled Creative Children and tap into their strong points. Call Mark Barreres at 540-984-8190

On YouTube: Listen to Paul Speak about life and business
Read the book "Copy This" about Paul Orfalea

Lessons from a Hyperactive Dyslexic who Turned a Bright
Idea Into One of America's Best Companies

Is It A Learning disability? Or Are These Kids Really Smarter In Other Ways And Have Other Gifts

Definition: A "learning disability" is a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding and using language spoken or written which may manifest itself in an imperfect ability to listen, think, speak, read, spell, or do mathematical calculations.

Learning differences and ADHD are often the result of a problem with the central nervous system where perception and/or processing may be affected. While a neurologically-based problem will not disappear, an individual who receives help and assistance can usually learn compensation strategies for his particular learning style.

International Dyslexia Association

Welcome! The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia, their families and the communities that support them. IDA is the oldest learning disabilities organization in the nation -- founded in 1949 in memory of Dr. Samuel T. Orton, a distinguished neurologist. Throughout our rich history, our goal has been to provide the most comprehensive forum for parents, educators, and researchers to share their experiences, methods, and knowledge.

All Kinds of Minds

The All Kinds of Minds’ mission is to help students who struggle with learning measurably improve their success in school and life by providing programs that integrate educational, scientific, and clinical expertise. Our primary goal is to educate teachers, parents, educational specialists, psychologists, pediatricians, and students about differences in learning, so that children who are struggling in school because of the way their brains are “wired” are no longer misunderstood.

eTAP gives your K-12 Math, English, Science, and History, as well as SAT/GED/ASVAB Test Preparation

Homeschooling Online Instruction Course

Our eTAP members are a diverse group of families, schools, educational organizations, individual educators, and independent learners. Why? Because our flexible learning environment allows each member to use to best meet their varied K-12 instructional objectives and educational needs, including:

Homeschooling in The Shenandoah Valley

Schools, Colleges and Universities in The Shenandoah Valley

James Madison University
Harrisonburg Virginia

Shenandoah University of Virginia
Winchester Virginia

Blue Ridge Community College -Box 80, Weyers Cave - 540-234-9261
Bridgewater College - 402 E. College St., Bridgewater - 540-828-8000
Christendom College - 134 Christendom Dr., Front Royal - 800-877-5456
Eastern Mennonite University - 1200 Park Rd., Harrisonburg - 540-432-4000
Fishburne Military School - 225 S. Wayne Ave., Waynesboro - 540-946-7700
Grace Christian School - 511 Thornrose Ave., Staunton - 540-886-0937
James Madison University - 800 South Main St., Harrisonburg - 540-568-6211
Lord Fairfax Community College -173 Skirmisher Lane, Middletown - 800-906-5322
Mary Baldwin College - New & Frederick Sts., Staunton - 800-468-2262
Massanutten Military Academy - 614 S. Main St., Woodstock - 540-459-2167
Randolph-Macon Academy - 200 Academy Dr., Front Royal - 540-636-5200
Shenandoah University - Winchester - 800-432-2266
Shenandoah Valley Academy - 234 W. Lee Hwy., New Market - 540-740-3161
Shenandoah Valley Governor's School - 49 Hornet Rd., Fishersville - 540-245-5088
Southern Virginia University - One University Hill Dr., Buena Vista - 800-229-8420
Stuart Hall - 235 W. Frederick St., Staunton - 540-885-0356
Virginia Military Institute - Lexington - 540-464-7000
Washington & Lee University - Lexington - 540-463-8400
Woodland Montessori School - 1301 Virginia Ave., Harrisonburg - 540-432-6111

Specializes in educational kits for
preschool aged children preparing for kindergartens.

The kits include an interactive board book, audio CD, and a coloring book
just the right size for little hands. Our kits are developed using the Orton-Gillingham teaching approach which focuses simultaneously on the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learner.

Audio Learning CD - Interactive Book - Educational Kits - Coloring Book for Learning - Preschool Children Course

You can help your child gain self confidence!

And here is something you might find interesting. Many famous and highly successful people have or had dealt with learning disabilities including:

To find out how to get your name listed here
Call 540-335-8190

Hans Christian Anderson
Mark Barreres
Ann Bancroft
Carl Crenshaw

Harry Belafonte
Alexander Graham Bell
Gregory Boyington
Wright Brothers
Sir Richard Francis Burton
Geroge Bush’s Children
Admiral Richard Byrd
Thomas Carlyle
Andrew Carnegie
Lewis Carroll
Prince Charles
Agatha Christie
Winston Churchill
John Corcoran
Tom Cruise
Leonardo da Vinci
Salvador Dali
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Michael Faraday
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Malcom Forbes
Henry Ford
Benjamin Franklin
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Danny glover
Tracey Gold
Whoopi Goldberg
Stephen Hawking
Ernest Hemmingway
Mariel Hemmingway
Willima Randolph Hearst
Dustin Hoffman
Bruce Jenner
Michael Jordan
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Jason Kidd
John Lennon
Carl Lewis
Abraham Lincoln
Greg Louganis
James Clerk Maxwell
Steve McQueen
David H. Murdock
Isaac Newton
Jack Nicholson
Luci Baines Johnson Nugent
Louis Pasteur
General George Patton
Edgar Allan Poe
Sergei Rachmaninoff
Buddy Rich >>>
Eddie Rickenbacker
Joan Rivers
Nelson & John D. Rockefeller
Eleanor Roosevelt
Pete Rose
Babe Ruth
Nolan Ryan
Anwar Sadat
Pierre Salinger
Charles Schwab
George C. Scott
George Bernard Shaw
Tom Smothers
Suzanne Somers
Sylvester Stallone
Jackie Stewart
James Stewart
Thomas Thoreau
Henry David Thoreau
Leo Tolstoy
Alberto Tomba
Van Gogh
Russell Varian
Jules Verne
Werner von Braun
Lindsay Wagner
General Westmoreland
Weyerhauser Family
Russell White
Robin Williams
Woodrow Wilson
Henry Winkler
Stevie Wonder
F. W. Woolworth
William Butler Yeats

Universities, Colleges, Schools and LD and ADD classes in The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Give encouragement to children with dyslexia.

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