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The West VA Shenandoah Connection Group is a grassroots organization that provides community based, small business and arts networking for area professionals with the objective to encourage creative partnerships in an changing economy by Internet Business Networking

From WV Executive
Shenandoah Connection Network
by Hope Noland

Networking is quickly becoming one of the best ways to establish business connections. Music, already a connecting agent with people, is now involved with the networking approach to recognition and business. Musicians are now able to showcase their work and communicate with other musicians because of the networking trend. Now, thanks to the
Shenandoah Connection Network, West Virginia artists are able to participate in this communication tool.

The Shenandoah Connection network consists of a continually increasing list of musicians, artists and small business people that network together in order to make a difference in West Virginia, Virginia and surrounding states. The Web site, www.ShenandoahMusic.com, says that they are constantly interested in working with new musicians, artists and small business people moving to West Virginia and the surrounding areas. The site also promises that the Shenandoah Connection group strives to help get more music venues off the ground.

Mark Barreres, the man behind the network, says that by using the Shenandoah Connection network as a promotional tool artists will get what they desire. “We are a full service Web site promotion and marketing firm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Our innovative and proven search engine optimization techniques have ranked more web pages in more top positions than anyone in business in Virginia,” he says. “Whether it’s Web site promotion, development, design or consulting, we can help you get the results you expect.”

Singing Success

Barreres believes that the success of his search engine comes with the trustworthy people that he chooses to work with. “I use my ability to get pages up on the search engines to attract honest hearted people to work with,” he says. “My sponsors pay me about one dollar a day to list them on high ranked pages on our network and I advise with them to get their site positioned high in the search engines as well.”

The Shenandoah network makes it its goal to open up great opportunities for area musicians. “With ShenandoahMusic.com, I cross promote with artists and musicians to make things happen,” Barreres says. He also believes that the network allows people to come together rather than compete. “We are going to help each other become successful.”

Community Ties

One of the concert series promoted through the network is the “Rebecca’s Place House Concerts.” The house concert appeal is a growing effort across the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia. Each concert offers live music shows that are created to achieve opportunities for local as well as traveling musicians. They are also designed to bring audiences and musicians closer together. A wide variety of music styles are showcased in the house concerts including jazz, folk, blues, bluegrass, rock and swing. The concerts have no admission fees but a donation to the musician is usually expected; the musicians then keep all of the proceeds. The goal of the ‘Rebecca’s Place House Concerts’ as well as the Shenandoah network is to form other house concerts within the area and to promote local artists who might otherwise be overlooked in the music industry.

Barreres is also involved with Americana Rhythm Magazine, http://www.americanarhythm.com, which showcases music of the Shenandoah Valley, Central Virginia, the Blue Ridge and West Virginia. When people advertise with Americana Rhythm they support the musical talent from these areas.

Success Story

Barreres has received several letters thanking him for allowing the Shenandoah network to increase their business sales. Randolph Byrd of Charlottesville Piano in Virginia attributes his business’s success to the network. Byrd wanted the business to come up on the first page of the Google search engine and Barreres told him he could achieve this goal if he used the Shenandoah network. Byrd is astounded with the results he has received from using the Virginia Business Network. The business now comes up on the first page of Google and in the first month it added thousands of dollars worth of piano orders.

Byrd is not the only one satisfied with the outcome of using the Shenandoah network. Amy Proctor from the Shenandoah Caverns and American Celebration says that the network helped them with their first, “Savor the Valley Fall Festival” by putting them in touch with potential vendors that they otherwise would have not known about.

When asked about his opinion on the Shenandoah network’s contribution to helping artists and businesses Barreres says, “The Web site (ShenandoahMusic.com) is helping to change the way people think about the internet in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. It’s all about networking.” Virginia Business Networking


West Virginia Business Networking

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The Shenandoah Valley's Arts and Business Network
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Scott Christopher Murray is an accomplished singer/songwriter and a veteran of the acoustic music scene. Raised in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Scott grew up absorbing its rich story-telling tradition and Appalachian music legacy. His first album "The Old Man Dreams," a collection of original material, was a regional success. more info

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