Advice from a child in the Shenandoah Valley

Mac dispenses indispensable advice. Her immense experience combined with a facile imagination provides practical answers for many of today's toughest questions.

This months tough questions;
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What do you do if the environment is endangered?

My little brother is driving me nuts, what should I do?

How do I make and keep friends?

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Shenandoah Valley Vineyards - Many folks don't realize this, but Virginia has been producing some of the best tasting wines in the country for over 300 years. In fact, we are now able to compete with some of the very best Vineyards on a national and international level. Why not contact one of the Vineyards listed below to set up a tour of their winery, taste some excellent samples, and see why Virgnia is fast becoming one of the premier states for great tasting wines. - Virginia Wines

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Page County VA Cabin Rentals - Recently designated “Cabin Capital of Virginia” in Page County with over 250 cabins.

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